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This is a tumblr dedicated to showcasing the best t-shirts inspired by TV's Supernatural. Don't be afraid to leave a note in the ask box if you have or know of a design you think should be featured here.
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This is so exciting! Recognising that a) official SPN merch is crap b) SPN fans are uber talented, the show is having a competition for fans to design official t-shirts or the show based on the theme “Saving people, hunting things. The Family Business”. Fans will vote for the winner.

Showrunners The Carver and Bob Singer explain the competition in the video above. For more details visit the website Supernatural Design Competition.

I would say this is a couple of seasons late but still pretty exciting! I have been reading through the rules and a couple of things you may want to know:

  • You can submit two designs.
  • You can be from any country.
  • But you have to be 18+ or get someone who is 18+ to submit for you.
  • If your design contains the title “Supernatural”, you also need to include the tagline “Join the Hunt.”
  • Cannot include any slash fiction or fan-fiction references. Yep, the rules include this. Although the rest of the sentence said: “… references or elements that are not presented on the show” and well, show did mention slash fiction!
  • Your design has not been previously exhibited or displayed publicly other than in the Contest. So sadly, all the awesome designs on this blog are not eligible.
  • Obviously, if you win, you lose all copyright to your design. Although I believe if you don’t win, you can still sell your design.
  • There will be five winners who will receive $750 commission and $250 in merchandise.

19 days to go!


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